Today is the sixth month anniversary since the protests started in Caracas

Six months that have translated into 40 deaths, unknown number of tortured. hundreds of protesters injured, thousands detained. Thousands of dollars spent in war equipment. All over. And forgotten at this point. Leopoldo Lopez has been in military prison for six months and so have the first protesters. Others were “lucky” and have been sent home. Today is the six month anniversary of the death of Robert Redman, Bassil DaCosta. Guys who gave their life fighting peacefully against the shit of a dictatorship we venezuelans are living.

Six months ago I had hope. Today I just wanna get the hell out of here. And I can’t.

Six months ago the world was making signs and taking selfies with SOS Venezuela, today the world continues to live off of our oil.

We’re suffering through life here, there has been well over 3000 deaths this year, in this city, out of insecurity. I could have been one of those when a thief decided that I looked rich and wanted to take my (quite honestly shitty) phone.

I didn’t sign up to live this. I want a normal teenager life that I couldn’t live being a teenager.

I want this dictatorship to be over.

Y vengan mamaguevos anonimos a insultarme que estoy arrecha.